What makes Mideast Metals Special

ISO 9001:2015

1. Tradition:

As brothers and descendants’ of the Khawaja family, whose legacy in the steel manufacturing and trade industry can be traced back to over a 125 have the rich inheritance of the knack of the trade.

2. Standard Operating Procedures:

Right from the very first stage of procurement of the material, till the last stage of execution of the orders, there are certain standard operating procedures, developed with the experience of over 125 years, followed conscientiously by the company, which makes the operation of the company almost flawless with optimum customer satisfaction level.

3. Direct purchase from the mills:

Mideast Metals as always have their purchase direct from the mills, not all stockiest have that kind of a relationship with the source. Business with Acerinox – Spain began 35 years ago and with Ugine & ALZ – Belgium the last 30 years and still going strong.

4. Quantity, Quality & Price:

Purchase for the Mideast Metals has always been in Bulk. Quality matters and hence supplies are taken from only those Mills who have the reputation of producing the best material in one particular category, and only that particular material is purchased from that individual Mill, resulting in the ultimate collection of the very best materials from all around the world at one place. Mills, from Spain, Belgium, France, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, keep them on a steady stock, this in turn offers better rates, and therefore results in competitive prices supplemented with first-rate service which gives the company edge in the market.

5. Reliability:

Terms such as “Multi Million dollar business” & “Stock holders of Stainless Steel” are not usually pinned with just any commonplace business or industry. These are terms which hold dependability and reliability. Mideast Metals is yet to have, at least one return of sale …. Such is the impeccability the management has on the business; Truly “A Stainless Name in Stainless Steel World”.

6. Swift Operation:

No order is too small or too big to be executed instantly. The daily delivery service throughout the 7 emirates, scheduled twice a day, ensures and assures the customers that their requirement for any material is just a phone call away. First time in the Middle East, the up to date ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) by SMS is sent to all customers, so that they are ready to offload the material when it arrives, thus resulting in more efficient operations both for customers and us.


7. Asia's First Stretcher Leveler up to 8mm:

Bringing the Ultimate technology in coil processing from USA, the first ever Stainless steel stretcher leveler in Asia which can process coils up tp 8mm thickness to produce laser flat sheet which stays flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations.


8. Location:

Mideast Metals is NOT only ideally located at the centre of the world but also the heart of the Middle East.