Company History

ISO 9001:2015

In 1993 Mr. Waqas Khawaja, and Mr. Khurram Khawaja, opened Mideast Metals in Fujairah Free Zone. The port of Fujairah offers free access to the major shipping routes of the world, making it the pick of ports for entrepreneurs around the world. Mideast Metals found the Middle East to be a good Hub to expand their business . Their initial business was into re exports to Countries like Pakistan, India, Africa, Egypt, Hong Kong. Business grew to an extent where the bulk of the clients came to know of the Port Fujairah through Mideast Metals “We introduced Fujairah … to our clients around the World” – Mr. Khurram Khawaja. By the year 2000 the local demand for stainless steel prompted local sale in the UAE. To facilitate further storage and effective distribution another warehouse was opened in JAFZA. Jebel Ali Free Zone is a part of Dubai based, state owned Economic Zones World. One of the world’s biggest developers of Economic Zones, Logistics and R&D driven Industrial Parks. Located next to Jebel Ali Port, the largest port in the Middle East and, a 30 minutes drive from the Dubai International Airport. JAFZA, designed as an international business hub, offers an unrivalled package of benefits to its investors. Located in Dubai, is well placed midway between Europe, Asia, and Africa, and provides its clients a huge customer base of over 2 billion.

The patrons of Mideast Metals, Mr. Waqas Khawaja, and Mr. Khurram Khawaja who were brought up in surroundings of entrepreneurship and a rich historical background of the Steel Industry hold a vibrant business where new clients present themselves with refreshing regularity. Today they have a local UAE clientele of 400 starting from, kitchen equipment manufacturers, Builders, fabricators to Interior designers.

1993: Established in Fujairah Free Zone with just an office as one of the very first companies in the Free Zone, mainly for re- exports to Asian Countries.

1995: Acquired 30,000 sq. ft land for the regular stocking of Stainless Steel materials.
2000: In year 2000, Started the Local Sales in the UAE market.
2002: Started sales in the Entire Gulf including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait.
2005: Became one of the top 3 Fujairah Free Zone companies (with respect to the turnover).
2006: Acquired land of 120,000 sq. ft for the second branch in the UAE in Jebel Ali Free Zone and started construction.
2007: Started the sales from second branch, Jebel Ali Free Zone.
2008: Shifted the Head Office from Fujairah Free Zone to Jebel Ali Free Zone, with branch office in Fujairah Free Zone continuing for the re-exports to the Asian countries.

2010: Acquired another 100,000 square feet of plot in Jebel Ali Free Zone to build a new stainless steel service center.
2012: Established State of the Art Stainless Steel Service Center on this new plot having most advanced machinery from Europe including:
1. Cut-to-length Line: for Cold Rolled Stainless steel coils.
2. Polishing line: To process sheets into NO.4, NO.3, HL, Duplo finish.
3. Super mirror Line: To process sheets into super mirror finish.

Now in 2016 added two new processing machines

1. Precision Blanking Line from USA: Introducing the Ultimate American technology to produce Laser flat sheets in the continent Asia, the first ever Stainless steel STRETCHER LEVELER in Asia which can process coils up to 8mm. For the population of more than 4 billion across 50 countries, there is only one STRETCHER LEVELER giving laser flat sheets which stay flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations.

2. Coil to Coil Polishing Line from Italy: With the increased demand of Mideast Metals No.4, hairline sheets, we have now added coil to coil polishing line to give even better quality at a faster speed.