SS Service Center

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Established in 2012, the Fully Integrated State of the Art Stainless Steel Service Center started successfully it’s operation and is producing very high quality processed
material. The Service Center has the processing machineries from Europe and USA and that too one of the top most machinery manufacturers in their field.

1. Precision Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveler:
Introducing the Ultimate American technology to produce Laser flat sheets in the continent Asia, the first ever Stainless steel STRETCHER LEVELER in Asia which can process coils up to 8mm. For the population of more than 4 billion across 50 countries, there is only one STRETCHER LEVELER giving laser flat sheets which stay flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations.
Max coil weight: 20 MT
Thickness: 0.50mm to 8.00mm
Max Width: 1829mm
Edge slitting can be done for Mill edge coils.

2. Coil to Coil Polishing Line:
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With the increased demand of Mideast Metals No.4, hairline sheets, in 2016 we have now added coil to coil polishing line from Italy to give even better quality at a faster speed. The prime quality polished coils can be made as per customer’s requirement of weight and size. Finishes produced are No.3, No.4, Hairline, Scotch Brite, Duplo, Satin.
3. Sheet to Sheet Polishing Line:
The polishing line can polish the Stainless steel sheets into No.3, No.4, HL, Satin and Duplo Finish. The quality and finish of the sheets achieved is unparalleled in the region, and customers now preferring our No. 4 finish over many other local and Asian suppliers, consequently the Sales in these finishes have amplified more than double as compared to 2011.